How to sterilise jars and bottles

Find out how to sterilise jars and bottles including our top tips on how to make sure your preserves don’t spoil. Sterilising jars and bottles are essential when it comes to preserving jam, chutney, or sauces for an extended amount of time. There are a few ways you can sterilise jars; boiling, warming in the oven, washing in the dishwasher,




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How to cook chorizo

From prep to griddling, from telling when chorizo is done to storing raw chorizo, we've got it covered. Cooking chorizo is easy with our expert guide including tips from Salt

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How to make spotted dick

Learn how to make spotted dick with our easy-to-follow guide. From steaming

How to cook red cabbage

Learn how to cook red cabbage with our easy step-by-step red cabbage

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